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Reslink's New Website


Have you seen our new Website?

Never Stop Innovating




Launching our new website

In the new website, we have tried to break down our platform to the level of easy to understand and simple to surf by making a strategic decision to focus most of our strength on the Soft FM and Real Estate living services market.
However, our platform can support and talk to many different verticals and provide one solution that can fit many different business directions.



The Platform

Management UI (Admin-Panel), Application Builder, iOS, and Android apps are all in sync to provide you with the data you need to collect.



Products are developed to support our customers business needs in a more organized way, and they can be configured to the highest level from the logo, icons, splash to the profound structure of the app.



Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) integration gives a better overall view of what is happening in the field, and reports are ready to be distributed to the manager and the end customers, and that's a small part of our integration plan.

Check out our integration page


It means

We are now more focused on what we do best and more transparent about what we can do for our customers.

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