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Reslink's HR Services Explained

Features, Values, HR Process steps, BI Reports, and more are explained.


Table of Content

  1. Intro
  2. Features
  3. Values
  4. Process steps
    1. Vacancy – Book an Interview
    2. Employee Onboarding
    3. Employee Card
    4. TUPE Form
    5. Exit Forms
  5. BI Reports
  6. Training Module
  7. Scalable Solution
  8. The platform of choices for FM 
  9. Testimonials



Our mission is to digitalize customer’s business processes using our scalable SaaS-based global data collection platform.
Our cloud-based service offers full control of people, service processes and mobile assets from anywhere, anytime.

We take care of:

  1. Service contract digitalization
  2. People digitalization
  3. Location digitalization
  4. Asset digitalizatio
Contracted or on-demand visits are our customers daily routine, and Reslink can help digitalize and automate this process with flexibility and efficiency needed(One can request using the AI to improve efficiency). 

Plan your service contract and assign your people and assets to the right place at the right time.




Admin Management

Managers can view ‘onboardee’ information in the employee card section and their training and skills and more.

Real-time view


Type fewer words using MRZ

With a machine-readable zone, the user will have fewer fields to fill; more importantly, it will reduce human error.

No errors, easy


Digital Signatures

For a truly paperless office, you need the right tools to sign documents electronically. With Reslink Solutions, you can eSign documentation on the go.



Employee Account

Employee account for the app, web service or both is created automatically after signing the work agreement.

At hand immediately


Digital Trainings

Training is assigned automatically to the employee depending on their job role, department and level.

Easy engagement


Digital Reporting and communication

Report on all ‘onboardee’ stages and communicate the essential messages via our push notification.

Real-time intelligence




GDPR Compliance

Onboarding helps to support GDPR compliance for new hire data and onboarding processes.

Easy Deployment and Scaling

Reslink will take care of the deployment, and using our modular platform can enable new employee business resources for you and features that can help scale your business.

Reports at a Glance

Management is sometimes about seeing the big picture, and with the BI reports, one can glance at the overall business and understand your HR resource.


A fully automated and proven solution that helps the process


The training set will ensure that only the qualified person can get the job.


The digital process will save you a massive load of manual work.


It means

Real-time transparency to your organization’s most important resources – your people.


Savings on admin level calculated on the level of >15% compared to paper-based processes.



HR Process steps

1. Vacancy – Book an Interview

Website plugin to be added to your company’s public website. New employees can fill in the preliminary web-based onboarding form and book the interview time from the calendar.


2. Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding application can include these features:

  • MRZ (machine-readable zone)
  • Google AutoComplete
  • Speech Features

Add and update your employment terms and conditions to the application, and follow HR to confirm the new employee or hire immediately.

After approval in the immediate hire, the automated work agreement will send to the employee in real-time. No paperwork is needed, and the work can start.

Data is in a structured format, and possible to integrate into payroll and 3rd party systems via API. The transfer confirmation page approves the data transfer.


3. Employee Card (Master)

With the employee card, one can modify the information of an employee via web or mobile app. The training and the other relevant information can be collected or assigned.


4. TUPE Form

Business Transfers, Takeovers and TUPE

TUPE applies to employees of businesses in the UK. The business could have its head office in another country, but the part that’s transferring ownership must be in the UK. 

The size of the business doesn’t matter when TUPE applies: The employees’ jobs usually transfer over to the new company - exceptions could be if they’re made redundant or in some cases where the business is insolvent, their employment terms and conditions transfer continuity of employment is maintained To find out if TUPE applies to your transfer, talk to ACAS (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), Citizens Advice or if you’re an employee, your trade union representative.


5. Exit Forms

All needed information is collected for the exit, and the employee card status will be passive after confirmation.

We have the essential GDPR processes in place.


BI Reports


  1. Faster analysis
  2. Increased organizational efficiency
  3. Data-driven business decisions
  4. Improved customer experience
  5. Improved employee satisfaction
  6. Trusted and governed data
  7. Increased competitive advantage

  Below is an example of Microsoft BI report ↓  


Training Module

The training module can be configured to your specific needs to full fill the training flow and compliance.

 You have to react only to the exceptions after you have configured your proper training plan. 


Scalable Solution

Think the next level

Scalability is a key element of our platform. You can scale the

platform to cover more of your needs in different segments or to connect 

with other systems via API.


The platform of choices for FM

check our our Soft FM capabilities 



What our customers said:

Paul Faulkner

National Sales & Marketing Director
How the employee engagement process was digitized at NIC? (watch the video)

Jari Nurminen

Technical Manager
Sinebrychoff Part of the Carlsberg Group
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