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Reslink's Real Estate and Living Services Explained

Our SaaS Platform for real estate living service


Table of Content 

  1. Intro
  2. Features
  3. Values
  4. Tenant Services
    1. Bookings
    2. Webshop Service
    3. Parking Spaces
    4. Smart Lockers and Locks
    5. Second Hand Marketplace
  5. Customer Communication
    1. General Announcements
    2. Apartment Changes
    3. Push Messaging
    4. Recycling and Environment
    5. Issue Reporting
    6. NPS Surveys
  6. Ease of Usage
    1. Tags and Barcodes
    2. SSO
    3. Strong Authentication
  7. Information Management
    1. BI Reports
    2. IoT Environment
    3. Introductions and content management
    4. Inbox



Our mission is to digitalize customer’s business processes using our scalable SaaS-based global data collection platform.
Our cloud-based service offers full control of people, service processes and mobile assets from anywhere, anytime.

We take care of:

  1. Service contract digitalization
  2. People digitalization
  3. Location digitalization
  4. Asset digitalization

Contracted or on-demand visits are our customers daily routine, and Reslink can help digitalize and automate this process with flexibility and efficiency needed.



Admin Management

Managers can view tenant information in the tenant card section. Also, it is possible to communicate with the customers with our in-app inbox or push notification.


Tenant Onboarding and Integration

Transform your paper application into digital forms. Also, it is possible to integrate with 3rd party providers to import your existing tenant to our system.



Residential companies or housing administration will manage bookable services. Admin rights allow managing the services, and the tenants will only see the free shifts and can buy the time slot for their use..



Shopping cart services can be routed to different bank accounts.
Responsibilities related to the delivered services must be agreed upon between the parties.


Incidents and Observations

Centralized ticket queue to solve the incidents, and with easy to use management UI, it is easy to allocate the tickets. Also, Integration/transfer of data to another system is straightforward Through the API.


Removal Inspection

A digital form to clarify the condition of the apartment when a new tenant move-in. The new tenant can notify the residential company of any damage or faults in the apartment.


NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Collect real-time feedback across Reslink’s ecosystem to understand customer satisfaction, and in turn, customer loyalty.



Collect sensor data from your locations, such as temperature, humidity, light level, number of visits, and use this to improve your site management. Having real-time indicators at your fingertips means that you are able to react to the current situation in the most efficient way.


Smart Lockers

The smart locker offers a 24/7 human contact-less pickup service. The tenant can rent/book the locker. Locker can be opened with the individual pin code. Tenant can also generate one time code for delivery or logistics.







The digital process will save you a massive load of manual work.

Easy Deployment and Scaling

Reslink will take care of the deployment, and using our modular platform can enable features that can help scale your business.

Reports at a Glance

Management is sometimes about seeing the big picture, and with the BI reports, one can glance at the overall business.


It means

Providing industry-leading services software combined with a powerful webshop to personalize communication with your customers and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Save above15% on administration costs compared to paper-based processes. SaaS software and webshop to improve customer loyalty.



Tenant services

  1. Bookings
    • Book an appointment, area or room or service using the booking module.
  2. Webshop Service
    • Add your services and products to the webshop and follow the delivery and process with the ticketing system in the same Reslink platform.
  3. Parking Spaces
    • Handle renting out parking space directly through the platform.
  4. Smart Lockers and Locker
    • Create storage or create service-based stock to your customer premises. Manage the whole stock with the application and platform.
  5. Second Hand Marketplace
    • Improve tenant satisfaction by offering tools for a tighter community


Customer Communication

  1. General Announcements
    • General announcements to keep you closer to your customers.
  2. Apartment Changes
    • Make it easy for your existing customers to switch their apartments by filling a simple digital form.
  3. Push Messaging
    • The application has a real-time communication interface for push messages. Any message or content can be sent in real-time to your mobile application users.
  4. Recycling and Environment
    • Give more clear and visual instructions to your customer on how to recycle things efficiently.
  5. Issue Reporting
    • Communicate upcoming issues with your customers ahead of happening.
  6. NPS Surveys
    • NPS promotional to collect satisfactory feedback and improve services.


Ease of Usage

  1. Tags and Barcodes
    • The on-location deployment of Tags/Barcodes is easy after configuration.
  2. SSO
    • Securely sign in to our system with your existing Google, Microsoft, or Facebook account.
  3. Strong Authentication
    • Authenticate yourself through our application by using your bank account credentials.


Information Management

  1. BI Reports
    • A glance at your overall performance in one place.
         See the result of your satisfactory survey.
         Check out the number of tickets submitted by your customer.
         See the number of the new customers.
         All in one place.
  2. IoT Environment
    • Collect sensor data from your locations, such as temperature, humidity, light level, and number of visits.
  3. Introductions and content management
    • Content and information distribution is a dynamic and flexible way of communicating essential and commercial documents or ads to the customers, including:
      1. Introduction slides.
      2. How-to slides.
      3. Common knowledge and documents.
      4. Ads and more.
  4. Inbox
    • Manage all customer communication in one place and distribute important notifications and news to selected or all customers.


Scalable Solution

Think the next level

Scalability is a key element of our platform. You can scale the platform to cover more of your needs in different segments or to connect with other systems via API.